Learn More About Aston Martin of New England

We are New England's premiere sports car dealership, offering the finest new cars, as well as some of the world's most significant vintage vehicles.

In an industry where the large "auto mall" is becoming common, we pride ourselves in providing a focused, highly personal, product-driven approach. We hope to offer the best information, the most straightforward sales process, and a positive ownership experience for our clients. This approach requires we take a long-term perspective, closely matching clients with the vehicle that most closely represents their needs, desires, and tastes.

We are also honored to be Aston Martin's Heritage dealer for the United States, a distinction that recognizes our expertise in locating, preparing, and representing vintage Aston Martins.

We bring this knowledge to bear by offering examples of other fine European marques as well. It's not uncommon to find a 1960—1970 Ferrari or a 1950—1970 era Porsche on our stock list, as examples. Our listings typically represent some of the finest particular examples available, oftentimes anywhere in the world.

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At Aston Martin of New England - Lotus Motorsports we're about the cars and we're about service.

About Steve Serio

Steve Serio is President and General Manager of Lotus Motorsports/Aston Martin of New England. A dyed-in-the-wool car buff, Steve has been driving, buying, selling and hanging around high performance machines since the age of 18 when he traded in the family station wagon for a '76 Alfa Romeo.

Steve heads up the Sales side of the operation, and also spearheads our vehicle acquisition service, through a wide network of dealers, brokers, and private collectors of fine automobiles worldwide.